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Wondering what services would fit best for you and your organization?  We have identified 3 stages most indviduals and organizations go through and the recommended services to help you move your equity and inclusion efforts forward.

Asset your Organizations Racial Justice



An act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.

Organizations and individuals in this stage are in the early stages of becoming aware that diversity does not equal inclusion, and equality does not equal equity.  Terms like privilege and dominant culture are concepts they wrestle with. Cognitive Dissonance is often something to be sorted out, as is defensiveness and fragility.  There is often a desire to learn more about what they have been blind too and/or have not recognized before.

Those in the awakening stage can be found somewhere between "resistant" and "ready" for change.  Like most, they are willing to learn more but often feel paralyzed by fear to offend or say/do something discriminatory so often don’t know how to engage in the equity work.


Recommendations include:

  • Keynote: to help bring awareness and help audiences move from understanding to believing

  • Training series: The Equity World View 

  • Coaching with Equity teams and leadership



Alert to injustice in society, especially racism.

Organizations and individuals in this stage are fully aware and ready to invest and advance equity and inclusion.  They center the voices of the most marginalized and are open to increasing their knowledge around intersectionality.  White dominant culture is often investigated and they are fully aware that their racism, sexism, ableism and all other “isms” are never completely “removed” so they are dedicated to continual learning and increasing their equity toolbox.   Although defensiveness and fragility are sometimes still a default, there is a newfound humility that allows them to see that being called out is really an invitation to be called into a greater understanding and awakening.  

Recommendations include:

  • Equity in Action Training Series

  • Coaching for Leadership, Equity teams, and HR



Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result

Organizations and individuals in this stage are ready to do the work.  They have created diverse teams, invested in the tools and the resources needed to advance equity and inclusion.  Commitments have been made and they are ready to embed equity into all they do and not just simply add it as an afterthought. What they need now is an equity strategic plan that includes D&I best practices, metrics, transparency, accountability and sustainability.  Customized mandatory training around microaggressions and ongoing mentoring/coaching around equity, inclusion and racial justice.


Recommendations include:

  • Coaching around building an equity strategic plan that looks at policy, places, practices, and people

  • Train the trainer around equity, inclusion, and racial justice

  • Ongoing customized trainings


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